The problem: using touch screens while driving

Touch screen controls in automobiles pose a tangible safety risk as your attention is drawn away from your primary activity – Driving

As touch screens are essentially just flat panes of glass, tactile feedback is not an option. While vibration motors are built into many devices, they only provide a very rudimentary level of feedback, and most importantly, only provide a feedback confirmation after you have performed an action – This means you always need to have your eyes on the touch display to use this, even while driving

Introducing TacTile Pinpoint, an important safety enhancement

Introducing CAMAR’s patented HMI technology “Tactile Pinpoint”, it creates vibrations as an intuitive ‘3D-feel’ on a touch screen. TacTile Pinpoint convinces your senses that there are physical buttons on the touch screen, and it enables users to use touch screens without looking where their fingers are going, an important safety enhancement

Reducing the need to look at the touch screen while driving 

TacTile Pinpoint is enabled software which uses vibrations to dramatically increase tactile feedback from the vibration motor, affording users a much more intuitive experience while reducing the need to look at the touch screen by getting feedback BEFORE you decide to do an action and while you are doing an action

The HMI software creates a human interaction feeling exactly where each app or function is located in a touch screen without the need to look at the screen to find GPS, radio or volume control

The HMI software complements most touch sensitive displays

The HMI software complements touch sensitive display in infotainment systems and various control pads and fits standard operational systems and custom developed frameworks. It complements all basic functions in UI/UX designs, allowing a much more intuitive user experience 

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TacTile Pinpoint enables a safe interaction with touchscreens since it reduce the need to look at the touchscreen, especially good in situations where a moment’s distraction can have disastrous consequences, such as driving or operating machinery.


GT Launcher

Using a computer-implemented method of controlling tactile feedback functionalities. The touch sensitive display provides haptic feedback as a vibration, immediately when your finger is landing on a key function, whatever functionality, where user feels a tactile feedback, before a concrete interaction has been made, and while an action is made.

TacTile Pinpoint enabled in a T9 Keyboard with Voice Over

Complements many other types of virtual keyboards