About us

CAMAR is a global software engineering and technology partnership, which has developed a new add-on software-enabled 3D buttons for touchscreens. The patented technology “TacTile Pinpoint” uses vibration to dramatically increase the tactile feedback from touchscreens, affording users a much more intuitive experience, while reducing the need to look at the touchscreen

CAMAR owners are from the UK and Denmark and are highly experienced in the software and hardware mobile industry

CAMAR cooperates on a business to business basis with manufacturers and developers who use touchscreens in their product portfolio and have co-determination on the design of launchers or internal systems

We are always looking for new collaboration opportunities in all areas where our technology can be an advantage. If this is of interest to you, please contact us

CAMAR’s software partner, has over 3,000 developers located in delivery centres across the globe, providing our clients with an extended software development team, Quality Assurance, R&D, engineering, IoT, Big Data capture and analysis, consulting, and deliver both SDK licenses to partners or assist in design or implementation

Our Mission

CAMAR aims to provide users a much more intuitive experience, while reducing the need to constantly look at the touchscreen to navigate

Our Vision

CAMAR intends to be the leading supplier of tactile feedback solutions and we are willing to constantly innovate our product. We achieve this by keeping a close dialogue with customers and other collaborators