TacTile Pinpoint for car manufacturers, Tier 1, user interface design studios for digital instrument clusters, smartphones, tablets, infotainment systems and more.

A new study

A new study from 2020 – commissioned by the UK’s largest independent road-safety charity, IAM RoadSmart – finds in-vehicle infotainment systems are impacting significantly on driving performance;

– Reaction times of drivers tested was significantly slower than someone who had used cannabis and five times worse than someone driving at the legal limit of alcohol consumption.

– The study found that drivers took their eyes off the road for as long as 16 seconds while driving (equivalent to a distance of more than 500 metres at 70 mph).

TacTile Pinpoint® addresses this PROBLEM of operating touchscreens – the lack of a guided structure for users to feel the location of a software key application or/and function – and the software can easily be integrated into existing systems, providing a higher safety and intuitive user experience that “imitates” a physical mechanical button.

TacTile Pinpoint can be easily customizable even for end-users if the UI supplier/automaker choose to provide them this option and customizable for each one of the control functions in the user interface.