GT Launcher to offer preview and shortcuts

A great way to offer preview and shortcuts for common tasks

By using TacTile Pinpoint GT Launcher we offer a great way for shortcuts to all your favorites. The Navigation Wheel in the GT Launcher affording users to FEEL a clear spin on your touchscreen like you know from a physical volume button. The Navigation Wheel affording you a pleasant way to navigating and browse through shortcuts to all your favorites, and which is highly applicable to adjusting functionalities such as volume or temperature, without looking where your fingers are going

In response to the detected change in direction of the continuous movement of the contact, the electronic device selecting a currently presented category of elements, and consecutively presenting a sequence of graphical representations of elements of the selected category on the touch-sensitive display

The Graphic Touch (GT) Launcher with TacTile Pinpoint include among others

  • You decide the design and placement of apps in the launcher
  • You decide the type of functions
  • You decide the type of graphics, icons, images, or plain text
  • TacTile Pinpoint in the app menu bar
  • TacTile Pinpoint in the navigation wheel
  • TacTile Pinpoint in content preview window
  • TacTile Pinpoint software enable 3D buttons as volume- or temperature adjustment, music-, audio, GPS- or social media apps
  • Also, for inserting simple text or numbers, in industrial use programs and many more