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Offering TacTile Pinpoint solutions for the business segment

Your company can buy a Software Development Kit (SDK) and use the TacTile Pinpoint in OS as open source or let CAMAR doing the design and implementation


SDK license agreement

CAMAR offers customers the free opportunity to design and customize their desired solution, enabling your designers free to customize the software

Purchase the TacTile Pinpoint SDK as a license agreement and freely design and develop your preferences

Design and Implementation by CAMAR

If your company prefers CAMAR to implement and customize your solution, we are confident in offering this service to your business

CAMAR can assist your company in designing a new launcher incorporating TacTile Pinpoint solution

Please contact us at info@camar.me for quote

Proof of Concept partner opportunity

Want to experience the TacTile Pinpoint software in your own product portfolio? We are acceptance new partners to our Partner Program.

For more details contact us at our LinkedIn page or email to info@camar.me


All coding for the software are 100% the property of CAMAR and may not subsequently be used, distributed, or further developed unless agreed with CAMAR