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The TacTile Pinpoint solution offering B-B customers the tactile interaction for all touchscreen devices with the aim of reducing risks or / and creating much higher and new user experiences.

Application for Proof of Concept to B-B partners.

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The process after submitting.

The proceeding process of TacTile Pinpoint (text in the middle)

  1. After submitting the application, you will be contacted by CAMAR how to proceed out of your submitted wishes and requirements. A pricing of joining as Proof of Concept (PoC) partner is expected to ensure serious partnerships. Final pricing depends on the complexity of project.
  2. Signing a common NDA and a PoC agreement. CAMAR can provide all necessary software resources if the TacTile Pinpoint solution to your specific product(s) or service(s) needs to be refined or require special solutions.
  3. CAMAR provide your company the software either via an app or via the operating system on Android, iOS and Windows, respectively.
  4. After TacTile Pinpoint concept has been proven and user experience tested successfully, your Company shall decide further steps for co-operation and interest of signing CAMAR license agreement. This is not required in the PoC agreement.

CAMAR can also provide partners Big Data of user’s behavior.

All software codes are owned 100% by CAMAR and may not subsequently be used, distrusted, or further developed unless agreed with CAMAR.