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About us

The idea for TacTile Pinpoint® came in 2015 when the founder realised that the haptic feedback solution the market was providing was primitive and restrained the functionality of touch screens, as well as presenting significant safety hazards. Following two years research and development the Danish company Camar was established to further develop and commercialise TacTile Pinpoints® haptic technology.

Haptic feedback is well known in the market but mostly gives a rudimentary reactive state without any proactive guidance. In the evolution from mobile phones to smartphones, the human interaction disappeared. In the “old days” one could text under the table without looking due to the physical buttons, we decided to invent a haptic proactive guidance that would bring the human interaction back. Since 2015 the founder has researched, developed, and patented our haptic solutions which are easy to use and implement into UI/UX applications in touch screen devices.


We are reaching out to software developers across all industries to freely explore and implement our proactive haptic components in their own applications. To enable this we are building an online platform containing all of our proactive haptic components that can easily be incorporated into new products greatly improving the user's experience.

“I was shown a working demo in July 2017 and it quickly became apparent of its possibilities. Upon further exploration and hands-on testing, three obvious use cases came to mind: (i) The established gaming markets. (ii) The fast-growing automotive/in-car market. (iii) The important partial sighted, blind and accessibility market. In conclusion, from my 20 years of experience tracking consumer and technology trends for global blue chips brands (Google, Microsoft, Intel etc.), I’m confident that TacTile Pinpoint® will have huge appeal to the app development community. It is a genuine game changer, as well as a logical next step for how end consumers will interact with their devices. My only question was why hasn’t someone thought of this before?!”


William Rowe, CEO & Founder, Protein, UK

Contact Info

Home  Gydevang 39-41, DK 3450 Alleroed, Denmark, CVR 38454013




Phone  +45 81 74 74 24


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